We are delighted you have decided to take one of our properties and hope you have a smooth application process. Please read the following declaration before completing and submitting the form below:

You understand that providing false information may lead to a tenancy being refused or early termination of any subsequent tenancy agreement and this may or may not lead to a financial loss for you. Biscayne Residential Properties will use a third party referencing agent and you agree to being contacted by that agency. Biscayne Residential Properties or their selected third party referencing agents will hold your data securely and only use it with regard to the referencing for this tenancy application and future tenancy. You have read and agree to be bound by the above terms.

By providing us with the information below you consent to us obtaining, holding and using personal data about you in connection with the business of letting and renting out of residential properties as specified below for so long as may be reasonably required for our legitimate purpose or those of Head Office. We will use that information for communicating with you. We may also provide that information to third parties with a legitimate reason to receive it in connection with your dealings with us (e.g. landlords (where applicable), utility and service providers, Head Office or transferee of our business) or to such third parties as required by you or the law, whether within or outside the European Economic area.


Once you have submitted the application form you will receive a link inviting you to pay a holding fee and start the referencing for the property of interest. Please ensure all details are correct before starting the referencing process. Please note our referencing requires you to earn 2.5 times the monthly rent to be eligible for a property, unless you have a guarantor who earns 3 times the monthly rent. In addition none working tenants or student tenants will require a guarantor.

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I understand my application will be cancelled if a Holding Fee is not paid within 24 hours of submitting this application form.
I understand once I start my referencing my application maybe cancelled if its not completed in a timely manner.
The landlord or agent could keep your holding fee if you: a) decide not to rent the property b) give wrong or misleading information c) cannot pass a 'right to rent' immigration check.
I agree to the terms and conditions above.
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